Intimate Destination Wedding

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 29 August 2020

    Intimate wedding in vogue

    In these strange times, we reinvent the destination intimate wedding celebration of love. We brushed the dust off it and put it back on the shelf for 2021 and on we sincerely hope.

    You probably are wondering should you go for an intimate wedding or wait a bit more for the big wedding bash?

    We do believe that the decision and the promise to get married should not be curtailed by the current circumstances. In this unique situation you can still do in style your one and only event.

    It is up to you to take the decision, who will be on the guest list – just the nearest and dearest or go a bit beyond that? There is no wrong or right, it is a choice.

    If you go down the small wedding path you may feel a bit more relaxed budget wise and less stressed. You will not be bothered if the budget would suffice to invite all family and friends for the wedding day.

    That way, you can just think about hosting a mini intimate destination wedding. You can afford to pamper with all possible treats your immediate family and closest friends! You have been kind of excused of making it a big thing!

    Do it yourself or get some help on the ground

    In this scenario, it may look very simple to handle a group of family members and handful of friends for a wedding. For this reason, you  may even contemplate to do it yourself rather than hiring a wedding planner.

    We know that, mini weddings require the same attention to detail and it is a very time consuming exercise and nothing will pass by unnoticed.

    Therefore, choose your destination wedding planner and start planning your dream wedding in Marrakech. We definitely could excel together and go above and beyond yours and your guests expectations.


    Advantage of a mini wedding

    There so many things that a couple end up cutting out of the list because of budget constrains but having a mini intimate wedding you can give a hell of a treat to those that made it to the wedding in Marrakech.

    Marrakech Wedding Videographer // Julie & Brandon

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