Planning Your Elopement Wedding in Marrakech

Written By Maria Peto
Published 22 February 2024

    Planning an elopement might be a little unorthodox, but it’s a delightful twist on tradition that adds a personal touch to your special day.


    As elopement wedding planners in Marrakech, we understand the desire to create an intimate, stylish and luxurious wedding experience that truly reflects your unique love story. 


    That's why we are here to guide and assist you in planning your elopement wedding in Marrakech. Our approach is friendly and accommodating, as we believe in embracing non-traditional choices and tailoring our services to meet your individual needs and desires. 


    So if you're ready to escape the constraints of a traditional wedding and embark on a one-of-a-kind journey with your partner, let us help you make your dream elopement in Marrakech a reality.

    The couple portraits during their elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Elopement Wedding in Marrakech


    • Why Choose Marrakech for Your Elopement?
    • Tailoring Your Marrakech Elopement to Your Unique Tastes
    • Connecting with Local Wedding Experts
    • Your Symbolic Ceremony and Legalities
    • Celebrating Marrakech Style
    • An Elopement Experience That Is Uniquely Yours


    Why Choose Marrakech for Your Elopement?


    Marrakech dances to its own exotic beat, with its vibrant souks, aromatic spices, and captivating architecture, all enveloped in a genuinely warm and inviting ambience.


    It's where tradition and the contemporary merge seamlessly, offering an enchantingly unique setting for your 'I do' moment.


    But why take the well-trodden path of ordinary weddings when you can choose the road less travelled? Picture saying your vows under a canopy of star-studded skies, illuminated by twinkling Moroccan lanterns.


    Or how about raising a glass to your shared future amid the pulsating heartbeat of a lively market?


    An elopement wedding in Marrakech can evolve into an exceptional narrative that’s as distinctive as your own love story.

    Couple during their elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Tailoring Your Marrakech Elopement to Your Unique Tastes


    Your elopement wedding in Marrakech should be as individual as your love story, and that's where our expertise comes in.


    Marrakech, with its heady mix of old-world charm and modern vibrancy, offers a plethora of distinctive experiences. Fancy exchanging your vows against a stunning Moroccan sunset? 


    Or perhaps you would prefer the buzz of a local festival as the backdrop to your nuptials? 


    We can make it happen.


    How about a tranquil ceremony in an elegant riad, surrounded by lush gardens? Or maybe you're drawn to the idea of celebrating your love in a traditional Berber village, immersed in local customs?


    Marrakech's magic lies in its diversity, and our skill is in connecting that with your unique tastes.


    Remember, this is your day. We’re here to support you in making choices that align with your vision. We will help you navigate through Marrakech's myriad options, connecting the dots to create a picture-perfect elopement.


    From the subtle details to the grand gestures, every element will be curated to reflect your personalities, making your elopement wedding in Marrakech a celebration that's as extraordinary as your love story.

    Styling of an elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Connecting with Local Wedding Experts


    Having a strong local network is an indispensable part of planning an elopement wedding in Marrakech.


    That's where our expertise shines. We work closely with a talented pool of Marrakech wedding professionals, from creative florists and gifted photographers to hair and make-up artists who will make you feel your absolute best.


    We understand that you want your special day to be a stress-free experience. To ensure that, we will serve as your liaison with these local experts, taking care of the coordination so you can focus on soaking up the Marrakech magic.


    Rest easy knowing that we are working with the best in the business to bring your vision to life. With our local insights and connections, your Marrakech elopement will be crafted with skill, creativity, and a touch of Moroccan flair.


    Trust us to match you with the perfect team that will translate your dream into a mesmerising reality.


    Remember, your elopement is all about you, and we are here to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be, right down to the last detail.


    With us by your side, you will not only have the wedding of your dreams but an unforgettable Marrakech experience as well.

    A couple during their elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Your Symbolic Ceremony and Legalities 


    When you decide to tie the knot in Marrakech, it's important to note that the ceremonies conducted here are purely symbolic, holding profound sentimental value without legal implications.


    Navigating the legalities of marriage in Marrakech can be intricate and challenging for international couples. We recommend completing the legal aspects of your union either in your home country or elsewhere before or after the symbolic ceremony.


    This ensures a smoother and less complicated Marrakech elopement, allowing you to focus on the magic and romance of your celebration without the complexities of legal procedures.

    Couple with camels during their elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Celebrating Marrakech Style


    Embracing the Marrakech style for your elopement celebration promises an affair filled with warmth, charm, and elegance.


    Imagine toasting to your new journey surrounded by intricate Moroccan tiles and lush olive groves in a chic riad, or sharing your first dance as a married couple to the hypnotic rhythm of Gnawa music under the vast desert sky.


    Delight your senses and your guests with an indulgent spread of traditional Moroccan cuisine – think tangy tagines, honey-drizzled pastries, and sweet mint tea. For an even more intimate experience, why not opt for a romantic dinner under the stars in the Agafay Desert? 


    You could even incorporate a traditional henna ceremony, a beautiful pre-wedding custom that is believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the couple. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, Marrakech offers a myriad of opulent, intimate settings and immersive experiences to mark your special day.


    Imbued with authentic Moroccan charm and mystique, your celebration will be nothing short of magical. We are here to ensure your elopement wedding in Marrakech is a perfect blend of your vision and the local culture, making it a truly unforgettable affair.

    The groom during an elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    An Elopement Experience That Is Uniquely Yours


    Opting for an elopement wedding in Marrakech doesn't mean relinquishing the enchantment and sentiment that comes with a conventional wedding.


    On the contrary, it provides the chance to craft a day that is truly reflective of you, stripping away the generic and spotlighting what's truly important: your bond and devotion to each other.


    An elopement gifts you the liberty to declare your 'I do' in a manner that strikes a chord with you, in a city that vibrates with fervour and genuineness. Think of it as a chance to create a memory that won't get lost in the noise of a traditional ceremony, a moment that’s solely about you and your love.


    It’s about immersing yourself in a different culture, about weaving your own traditions with those of a magical city. It’s about letting your love story play out against the backdrop of Marrakech's unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibe.


    It’s about tailoring every detail of your day to your tastes, making sure it's not only special but also incredibly personal.

    The bride during an elopement wedding in Marrakech
    Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

    Plan Your Dream Elopement 


    With our assistance, planning your elopement wedding in Marrakech is simple. It's not just about guiding you to the altar, but about helping you discover a part of yourselves in a city that's as distinctive and passionate as your love.


    Let's craft an elopement in Morroco’s beautiful city Marrakech that's just as exceptional as you.


    Check out this boho-chic Marrakech desert elopement that we had the pleasure of planning, designing and coordinating.


    Get in touch with us – a wedding planning company that wants to help you create your dream wedding day!


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    Read our 43 Reviews
    Based on 43 Reviews
    Jamie K.
    13 June 2024

    Where do I even begin!!!TLDR: HIRE SIHAM AND MARIA. They will go above and beyond and make you feel so comfortable throughout the entire process and take away any wedding stress. Longer version of our experience is below (it's very long because we <3 Siham and Maria)!My now husband and I live in NYC and wanted to throw a fun, luxe destination wedding with a welcome dinner in the desert, wedding, and day after brunch. Before hiring Siham and Maria, I literally interviewed every. single. wedding planner. spanning across Europe and Morocco. I kid you not. I even initially hired a wedding planner who had their wedding where we had our wedding (Beldi) because I thought she would be amazing... plot twist: she was not. We ended up telling her that it wasn't going to work and went back to square one looking for a planner.In come Siham and Maria. From the get go they were incredibly responsive and helpful. Siham literally responded to every single question I had (this was like a year before the wedding) and put together a game plan and checklists so we wouldn't forget anything. Beldi is also a beautiful wedding venue but a nightmare to communicate with, and Siham handled it beautifully. During wedding planning, which can be a very stressful time, I always felt like Siham and Maria had our backs and would ensure that things would go smoothly. Knowing you have a planner you can trust is invaluable. I literally met with all the other Marrakech planners (or at least talked to them) and they ranged from sketchy to snobby to unclear communicators. Also, it's absolutely outrageous the cost that some of these people will quote you for luxury wedding planning (like literally con artists who say they are luxury wedding planners but come of sooo sketch/sleazy). I can wholeheartedly say that that is NOT Party Maroc. They're what you want and hope your wedding planner will be. Reasonable price, caring, incredibly knowledgable about wedding planning in general and especially Marrakech, the list goes on. You will not regret working with Siham and Maria for whatever event you have, big or small. They're so hardworking and just genuinely great at their jobs, and they really care about their clients. We literally miss wedding planning and miss working with them!!

    Maria and Siham were a dream to work with. They made planning our elopement super easy. Being based in Texas and planning a wedding in Morocco was something I knew nothing about or even where to begin. They will make it effortless for you. I can’t say enough great things about this group, they completely blew our expectations out of the water. Everything turned out beautiful. If you’re planning a wedding in Marrakech, you wont be disappointed going with Party Maroc!

    Maria is a perfect host! Her recommendation were spot ON what we wanted and needed :) we enjoyed our time in Marrakesh restaurants, visited the most important monument and had an amazing experience in the desert. I recommend her to all of you !!!

    4 February 2024

    Siham and Maria totally rocked as our wedding planners and exceeded our expectations! They brought our Pinterest board to life and showcased a high level of professionalism and were very available throughout the whole process from a distance. They know Marrakech by heart and were able to hooked us up with the coolest vendors, making our big day beyond amazing. We highly recommend Siham and Maria for their exceptional expertise and commitment to making our wedding a remarkable experience.

    Sope Opayemi
    19 December 2023

    Thank you for making our dreams come true!My husband and I are both based in Nigeria, and when we started planning our wedding and we considered Marrakech as our destination venue, we emailed a bunch of wedding planners in the region to see who would work with us. Maria of Party Maroc responded almost immediately to our email which was great because we felt almost defeated that we hadn’t started planning at that point. We signed on with Party Maroc almost immediately and that began our wedding planning journey for almost 9 months. Party Maroc are very thorough in their planning process. They had answers before we even thought of the questions and it made our decision to work with them a lot easier.Maria and Siham (La Perle events) took over the planning of the wedding and I loved that they communicated constantly (and I will miss our chats) , and understood the struggles we had planning a big wedding such as ours. They gave us options for different vendors from their wide array of contacts and found people that understood our brief and our budget. Nothing was too big or too small for them to handle. We worked solely virtually but it felt like we were there in Marrakech planning along side them. They handled our 240 guests with ease and made what could have been a stressful period very stress free.From the guests perspective, they all said our wedding was one of the best destination weddings they’ve ever attended and that everything went smoothly and the entire weekend was fun. It made people who are thinking of a destination event in Marrakech want to plan theirs. There was an abundance of food and drink and fun was had all around. Also at one point we all didn’t want the weekend to end.We planned a wedding weekend with activities that included a welcome dinner on the first day, wedding day on the second day and a post wedding brunch on the third day and we can say that our three day wedding weekend was magical and a dream come true. It was as beautiful as the mood boards and plans indicated, the love and support we felt from all the vendors Maria and Siham curated was evident in how well they handled every aspect of the weekend. We are very grateful they responded to our email and that our paths crossed when it did and we can’t recommend them enough, they’re best planners we’ve ever worked with!Thank you so much for everything!! We love you!Sope + Kayode

    Amine Soudy
    23 November 2023

    UNE NÉCESSITÉ !Le jour de votre mariage est unique et profiter de l’accompagnement, l’organisation et de l’expérience de Siham & Maria tout au long de la préparation jusqu’au jour J vous fera vivre cet événement de la meilleure manière possible !Pourtant sceptique de l’utilité de l’accompagnement d’une wedding planner au début, aujourd’hui je conseille à chacun de s’entourer de ces personnes qui facilitent toutes les étapes de prise de décisions et d’organisation le jour J.Siham & Maria forment une équipe complémentaire et très professionnelle. Sur Marrakech, il n’y a pas mieux ! J’ai adoré vivre mon mariage, j’ai profité de chaque instant et je n’ai eu à gérer aucun tracas grâce à elles !Merci encore pour tout ! :)

    Faye Wills
    21 November 2023

    Maria planned our wedding in Marrakech, November 2023 and we can't thank her enough. She guided us through the process from start to finish and was always quick to respond to any of our queries. As a couple from the UK getting married abroad, we were fortunate to find her - she put is in touch with amazing local and international suppliers and helped to suggest entertainment, special touches which made our wedding stand out from other weddings we, our family and friends have been to. Maria's services have been invaluable, not only for the run up to the wedding but also on the day - she made us so relaxed and we didn't have to worry about a thing. We highly recommend for anybody wishing to get married in Marrakech! Thank you so much, Faye & Peter

    Rachel Dias Azevedo
    20 November 2023

    Dear Maria and Siham, Thank you again for being our eyes, ears and hands in Morocco during IMF 2023. I can't thank you enough on behalf of my team and of the senior leadership attending the Citi Reception in Marrakesh for the magical evening. Thank you for perfectly reading the mood, the vibe and the description of everything we wanted to achieve and translating them into the most beautiful details of precise execution and delivery. Our hosts were happy and most importantly our clients and guests were happy. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. All the best, Rachel

    Emily Carmenate
    7 October 2023

    Siham and Maria are the most professional, fabulous, detail-oriented, and talented party planners in Marrakech. Planning a destination wedding from Miami was initially very scary, but Siham was always available to talk , answer questions, and give reassurance. Siham answered every text almost immediately even at odd hours (I’m not sure when she sleeps!) and continuous calls and texts to the extent where my husband was joking that she’s my new best friend. My wedding events could not have been more magical, Party Maroc created an unforgettable experience not only for my husband and I, but for every guest. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would.

    Sheramie Jacobs
    6 October 2023

    Who could of known planning a wedding in Morocco from the USA could of gone so smoothly. Our wedding day was perfect and this is all thanks to Maria and her wonderful team at Party Marco. A huge thank you to our planners who made this day possible. We had an idea of what we wanted as a venue and they were able to find the perfect one for us and secure it. They were available whenever we needed them day and night and took care of everything so it was worry free for us. Not only did they help plan the gorgeous ceremony and dinner, but they also helped coordinate our entire week long stay in Morocco. We even had a last minute request that was insane and they came through. It was stress free and such a perfect day because of these amazing ladies. Morocco was a pleasure to visit and we will always have such special memories of this day and our trip because of their hard work. It was a pleasure working with them this year and I would definitely recommend them for any weddings, elopements or special events in Morocco. Maria has a passion for what she does and it is shown throughout her great work.

    Marie Lozada
    11 September 2023

    First of a big thank you again to Maria and her Team! Our company event was a great success through their meticulous preparations, great choice of restaurants, hotels, event spots, transfers, travel guides surprises and more. Everything from start to finish was professionally executed and resulted to fantastic experience. So if in Morocco and looking for a great experience to plan and carry out an event, Party Maroc is your perfect partner!All the best to Maria and her team from Zürich!

    3 September 2023

    As background, we are based in Los Angeles and had a four-day, multi-event wedding with 90 guests traveling in from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We found Maria and Siham over Instagram, and - after considering several other planners - worked with them from start to finish…without ever visiting Marrakech until two days before the first event. 
    If you are thinking about working with Maria and Siham, you should hire them before they book another client - period. They are, in a word, exceptional. They are totally trustworthy, extremely well connected, communicate well and often, have great taste and instincts, balance providing advice rooted in experience with being responsive to the quirkiest of ideas, and will produce a truly memorable event - no matter how complicated or what challenges come up (like a sudden forecast of rain in late May). 
    Key things about working with Maria and Siham:
    They really know Marrakech: We had never been, did not visit during the planning process, and relied on them for suggestions about riads, venues, caterers, entertainment ideas, vendors…literally everything. Everything they suggested was spot on and they were even able to find someone to tent a lawn two days before the event due to potential rain. And they are great at adapting suggestions to your guidance e.g. we ended up with six riads tailored to the different preferences and price points of our diverse group of friends.
    Focused on providing options, sharing advice when asked, and will always defer to you: Some planners are too directive while others don’t help you decide anything. Maria and Siham are exceptional at laying out options based on your guidance, offering their views when asked, and then deferring to your decision. They have executed a lot of events so their advice is rooted in experience and you should probably take it but, whatever you decide, they will support you totally.
    Great communication and end-to-end project management: Nobody really understands everything that goes into an event especially a wedding before they start planning one. Maria and Siham are terrific at explaining the process, and walking you through the various decisions that have to be made and when. One of us is a project manager for a living, and Maria and Siham are on another level. Behind everything you see, they are tracking a ton of other details and execution is seamless (see below). You always feel like you’re their only client and left wondering how they manage to deliver this level of service simultaneously to multiple clients.
    Execution is seamless; they add capacity and relieve stress: A lot of people kept asking us how stressful the wedding planning was, especially the closer we got to the event. And then during/after the event, people asked us how difficult it must have been to pull off. Honestly, Maria and Siham’s execution let us enjoy the event versus worrying about it. That alone was worth their fee.
    We are happy to talk with anyone who would like to learn more about working with Maria and Siham. They know how to reach us and can put you in touch. Good luck!

    C Ar
    9 August 2023

    Best wedding planning team ever!!! Highly highly recommend!!

    Mike Riess
    20 June 2023

    Very friendly and helpful company to work with in Marrakech. Quick responses as well. Thank you!!

    My husband and I are both based on the USA but we wanted to have our wedding in Marrakech. We just had our wedding last month and we enlisted the help of La Perle Events who worked closely with Party Maroc. When I say it was the best decision we’ve made, I really mean it. We planned for a wedding weekend with activities including a Moroccan and Henna night on the first day, the ceremony and reception on the second, and a casual farewell brunch on the third. Every event went by so smoothly without any problems, and it’s all thanks to Siham, Maria, and their team. It was such a pleasure working with them during the year building up the our wedding weekend. They are the most thoughtful, meticulous, organized, kind, and knowledgeable planners. They are so easy to talk to, which is so helpful when stressing out about a wedding! They always were willing to listen and were very cognizant of all of our wants and needs for our wedding. They are also so skilled with their planning and we’re always willing to share their knowledge. They thought about things that I didn’t even know were things to think about. They got to know us pretty well through the planning process and were able to help us find the perfect vendors for us. They do a great job communicating with all the vendors and always sent us photos during all the updates. Although we did not get a chance to see our wedding venue when we signed for it, they went to see the venue for us and I trusted their opinion completely. They have amazing vision and a great eye for decor. During the days of our wedding, I did not have to worry about anything, which was such a relief. Our wedding weekend was so spectacular and magical, and all our expectations were blown out of the water! All of our friends and family, some of whom have been to plenty Moroccan weddings, said our wedding was one-of-a-kind and the most amazing they’ve seen, and it’s all thanks to Siham and Maria. I’m so glad we met them, and they are our dear friends for life.

    Zoe Warshaw
    6 June 2023

    Maria and her team went above and beyond - we had the best wedding we couldn’t have done it without Party Maroc. Thank you again Maria, you’re the best! 🫶

    19 January 2023

    I wasn’t sure how planning a wedding all the way from London will go but once we started working with Maria, we knew we were in safe hands. We had the wedding of our dreams in Marrakesh, many thanks to Maria. Everything went smoothly from the day our guest arrived to the day they departed. I am happy to have stumbled upon Party Maroc on Instagram and will recommend them over and over again! Thank you so much Maria and the party Maroc team!

    Barka Farheen
    28 November 2022

    Maria is the perfect wedding planner. If you're reading this review trying to decide whether to select her and Party Maroc for your next event, it's an absolute no-brainer -- pick Maria.My husband and I hosted a 3-day, 60-person wedding in Marrakech. We received endless compliments from our guests, stayed within budget, had the most stress-free experience -- and most importantly had an absolute blast.When we were first searching for a planner, Maria stuck out immediately as knowledgeable, friendly, and down-to-earth. While others tried to push us into one direction or the other (or spent the entire first call bragging about their reputation), Maria took the time to get to know us and build a deliberate plan of action.Maria enabled all of this by working tirelessly throughout. She always anticipated our needs, planned for every eventuality, and pivoted quickly when things didn't go according to plan (thank you, COVID!). Quite frankly, it was hard to believe she had other clients she was working with at the same time, because of the attention she made sure we received at all times.Maria also has impeccable taste and somehow managed to make our events over-the-top glamorous, without being cheesy or kitsch.On our first trip to Marrakech, Maria ensured that everything went perfectly and we not only got our pre-wedding work done, but had so much fun doing it.Maria has excellent contacts in various vendor circles, and gave us tons of good options for décor, DJ, desert camps, flowers, food, photographers, and more. And she never forced us into any decisions with vendors, staying perfectly neutral throughout.My favorite part was how little guidance we had to offer her, aside from explaining our tastes and preferences. She took that and ran with it, and even we were surprised by how perfect each night turned out and we got to focus on having fun and taking care of our guests. And pretend to be modest while being showered with compliments about the event.We count Maria as a friend and are just sliiightly jealous of any other couple that gets to work with her.

    Martin Siromahov
    21 November 2022

    How lucky we are to have found Maria and Party Maroc and organize together an unforgettable birthday event. Maria's level of service, attention to detail, response time, product knowledge and organization skills are second to none. If you are planning on organizing any event in Morocco and are searching for a devoted, personalized service, look no further!

    guido bellitti
    14 November 2022

    Maria is an outstanding resource. Reliable, kind and with a great network of local connections. Highly suggested for anyone who is interested in organising some events in Morocco

    Kylie Ship
    25 July 2022

    Maria went above and beyond to create just the most amazing day for us. From the first zoom meeting to instant communication over WhatsApp and of course, the day itself, Maria made sure that we got exactly the wedding of our dreams. She added extra detail that we didn’t know we would love, fought to get us great deals and even went out of her way to help us with our pre event, despite this not being her job. She was relaxed, friendly and professional. Many of the vendors she worked with were so at ease with her that there was little instruction needed as they all knew the best places and ways to get things done. I honestly couldn’t recommend Party Maroc enough. Thank you Maria, it has honestly been a dream come true.

    Raz Segal
    18 July 2022

    Maria is the most amazing event planner I’ve ever met in my life! We did an event coming in from abroad and she made us feel very comfortable and always in touch with updates on our events. All the locations she chose for our events were A+ quality with the best service and all of the best entertainment. Her team was also amazing they were always with us taking care of all of the background work to make sure the events were going smoothly. I can’t wait to have another event in Morocco and work with Maria, she has become a part of our family and helped something we only as a vision come to life! ❤️

    As an hotelier, an event planner and a graduate from Hotel School of Lausanne I have to tell Maria and your team, you are the best event planner team I have ever worked and even if we were so far away and during the pandemic crisis. Bravo and a Big THANK YOU for your very hard work !!!

    Maria is a phenomenal wedding planner and human being. Maria single handedly made our 3-day wedding extravaganza in Marrakesh in May 2022 an immense success. We are based in the US and Maria made planning a destination wedding so easy. Maria is an excellent communicator, staying in constant communication with us by text and phone. She is very responsive and attentive to your needs. Maria is very organized and able to keep you on track and within your goals. Maria is honest and trustworthy and serves as your advocate in selecting and negotiating with third parties. Maria also has great decor style, taste and instincts. We were so lucky to have Maria as our trusted friend in our wedding planning journey. Maria, thank you so much for making our wedding day so special!We wholeheartedly recommend using Maria as your wedding planner if you are doing a wedding in Marrakesh!Love, Nealofar & Michael

    Krishna Guha
    29 April 2022

    Maria at Party Maroc recently organized a spectacular birthday party for me in the desert at Roches Noires. The planning process was expertly conducted and every detail was perfect on the day. My guests from the UK, France, Belgium and the USA were blown away. Very highly recommended.

    Amazing customer service. Flying out to Marrakech for my birthday with a group of girls and wanted a party planner. I had sent numerous emails n none has replied except Party Maroc. They immediately came up with ideas for my venue, food..entertainment and got the ball rolling. I am super excited to use their services and will post another review with photos after my event.

    Elaine Kelly
    8 April 2022

    We worked together with Maria and her team on a corporate event, which had to be planned last minute within less than two month for almost 100 people. She did an amazing job and organised the most extraordinary event we have ever experienced as a company. Four days of high-class accommodation and events with stunning decorations and entertainment. We couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing experience, which we will definitely never forget. THANK YOU FOR YOUR OUTSTANDING WORK!

    Judith Matogo
    15 March 2022
    Rebecca James
    23 November 2021

    It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had . Maria was helpful calm and quite brilliant .

    Petya Simonsen
    22 October 2021
    Siham Rchidi
    13 October 2020

    I have been in touch with Party Maroc ( Maria ) from the beginning of our Wedding planning in Marrakech.(2017). I don’t have even words to describe how professional and helpful Maria was . I can’t believe, it's already over, after a hundreds of e-mails exchanged and WhatsApp chatting .From the beginning and from the first brief about our wedding, Party Maroc knew what kind of wedding we have in mind and what we are dreaming of. From choosing wedding venues , decoration , to different suppliers, Maria knew exactly what we are searching for and was all the time in our side and giving as advices.Marrakech is full of beautiful wedding venues , but Party Maroc knows the best and hidden gems 😉. Planning a wedding in Morocco , it s not easy and you definitely need a professional in town, who to rely and trust on.... I would like to describe partyMaroc in 3 words : - Trustful - Professional - AvailableOn behalf of our parents and all our guests that came from all over the world : France , Finland , Canada , UK, Cameroun , Casablanca , Germany...We thank you so much for all what you have done to make our wedding day so special and unique . 🤩🤩. It was a long journey , but all worth it 😍🙏🏽🙌🏽 With love , Siham & Kevin #s💙k2019

    Professional and serious team, special thanks to super Lady Maria how is very kind and helpful 👏😘

    Olga Brereton
    19 August 2019

    Went to a 3 day wedding organised by these people last month.... it was so well done... fire eaters, Berber dancers, wonderful staff. I'm tempted to take off a star as it took me a week to come to terms with being back in England after the buzz and friendship out there. Maria pointed out a fantastic salon where I had a great hair cut as well!!

    Edward Reid
    9 August 2019

    Went to a friend's wedding and it was a beautifully arranged event, it looked incredible, the food was amazing, the entertainment was extremely good and authentic. They are a company that definitely know what they are doing. Based in Marrakech so have the inside scoop on all the best venues and providers. Amazing event!

    Julia Dawson
    6 August 2019

    We have just returned from the most amazing 2 day event organised by Maria and her team. Everything was faultless, accommodation, entertainment, transportation. A truly wonderful time and highly recommended.

    I attended a wedding organised by Party Maroc this summer. It was absolutely incredible from start to finish - beautifully organised & we were entertained & looked after to another level. Camels, belly dancing, Moroccan bands, authentic feasts, luxurious accommodation, seamless transportation- we all had the best time.

    nick peto
    5 August 2019

    Party Maroc did a faultless job. A 3 day party of great complexity went without a hitch. Travel, food, dancing, wedding - everything was 10/10. Nick peto.

    Annie Summers
    31 July 2019

    I attended a 3 day wedding party event organised by Maria of Party Maroc last June and was totally amazed by the organisation of all the party planning, accommodations, transportation for 60 plus guests - all with a big smile which made us enjoy ourselves even more!

    Mariana Bojkova
    23 March 2019

    Party Maroc provide everything you could dream of for your special event. Fantastic team. Professional planning, variety of creative options to keep you entertained. I absolutely recommend them!

    Mario Morfakis
    3 December 2018

    My overall experience with Party Maroc was excellent. Maria helped with great ideas as she knows Marrakech quite well, but also provided the best service in helping me book the best places in Marrakech. We had an amazing trip to Morocco and a major thank you goes to Party Maroc. Definitely recommending their services.

    Roberto S
    1 December 2018

    Party Maroc knows everything for the perfect event. I strongly recommend them.

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