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With decades of experience under the belt, our team has worked hard to now become the best planners in Marrakech. We organise a wide array of events, ranging from corporate milestone celebrations to Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. If you are looking to have an epic time with your entourage, we make it our duty to outmatch your expectations.

Our versatility has allowed us to engage is many different styles of events. Word of mouth has been very good throughout the years.

This helped us grow tremendously, for we have dealt with any unimaginable problems that could be associated with planning, managing and operating an event. We have seen it all and we’ve fixed it all, and for that we can confidently guarantee you that we are prepared to help you plan the party of your desired magnitude anywhere in Marrakech.

Planning an event from scratch can be a tedious task, and even more so if you are busily involved in a business, and want to have considerate family time when the work is done. Helping you avoid all this stress and trouble is highly important to us. We know how to properly manage a schedule, work accordingly to any given budget and keep you in the loop of any bookings, decisions and progress relating to planning your event.

How we approach to create the design: "Space is analyzed, colors are envisioned, shapes are self-imposed", Meryanne Loum-Martin.

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